Project- Cardmaking: Fuchsia Flower die-cut topper Handmade Greeting Card

Using the Fuchsia die on issue 48 of  Tattered Lace magazine and print outs, we made a Fuchsia Flower die-cut topper handmade greeting card.

Materials needed

Fuchsia die from issue 48 of Tattered Lace magazine

Liquid glue- UHU

Glue pen- Quickie Glue Pen


Ribbon- Gingham or choice ribbon

8 by 8 inches greeting card blank- Ivory

Fuchsia printable- background paper and die-cut topper

A4 card- 135gms, Ivory

Die-cutting\Embossing machine with its plates

Step 1: Cut out squares from the background paper and ivory cardstock. Remember to leave a little centimeter off one of the squares to create a border. Layer the greeting card- background paper> Ivory cardstock.

Step 2: Die-cut the Fuchsia flower and then glue to the upper part of the card.

Step 3: Cut a wide strip from the Fuchsia background paper and then glue ribbon to the front. * You can make a ribbon bow.

Step 4: Apply glue to the Fuchsia using the quickie Glue Pen and then sprinkle with the extra-fine glitter. Leave to dry.

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