New Month: Rhyming The Amazing Possibilities with Textures and Patterns While We Welcome You to the Month of July in 2018

Welcome to the second half of the year.

Welcome to the seventh month of the year

Welcome to the month of July in the year 2018.

Fruits and vegetables are in season and the farmer’s market is pouring out with fresh produce.

Schools will be going for the summer holidays soon.

Barbeque(BBQ) will soon be popping at every corner or park also with parties.

Patriotic Stars and Stripe designs will fill the air as the United States of America(USA) celebrate their Independence day on the 4th of July.

This month we are saying amazing possibilities with textures and patterns. Therefore, our theme for this month of July in 2018 is “say it with textures and patterns”.

A Hudy Bery® will be launching a new fabric collection “Rhythmic Textures” in this month of July.

Very soon A Hudy Bery® will be launching its new knitwear designs. We will tell you more about it when the time is near.

We hope you have a great month.

Be blessed, be a blessing and stay safe.



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