Home cooking: Boiled Yam and Fried Egg

Let’s whet your appetite with a delicacy of boiled yam and fried egg.

Yam is a root tuber.



Yam tuber or Potato

Fresh Eggs


Fresh Tomatoes


Chilli – dried and grounded or fresh

Vegetable oil or Sunflower oil

Seasoning Cube- Maggi



Frying pan




Stock pot



Step 1: Cut the yam into chunks and then peel.


Step 2: Wash the yam and then put into a pot containing water to boil until soft but not too soft. Remove the boiled yam from the water when it has been cooked to prevent it from softening or turning marshy.


Step 3: Slice or dice the tomatoes.


Step 4: Crush the seasoning cube.


Step 5: Put oil in the frying pan. Put the sliced tomatoes and let it cook a little. Add the chilli, salt and seasoning cube. Break the eggs and add to the mixture in the pan. Mix thoroughly. Reduce the heat and let it cook.


Step 6: Serve the boiled yam or boiled potato with the fried egg.


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