Craft Me A Toon – Season 1 Episode 5: Social media ritual \ rites\ custom

Craft-me-a-toon is a fun way of illustrating some events in the crafting community.

In this episode of craft me a toon termed “social media ritual\ rites\ custom”, Cheryl has made some items from her craft goodies.

Cheryl has displayed her crafty makes but she can’t share the goodies until she fulfils the social media rites\ custom which is posing for the camera, taking a picture or more pictures and uploading the pictures to your social media account to be appreciated with likes, comments and emoticons from viewers.

Cheryl thinking to herself while she poses with her crafty makes for the camera. 

Finally, I have made some items from my craft goodies/ stash.
Let me take a picture and post it on Social Media as required(social media ritual\ rite) because I don’t know when the zeal to craft will return.


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