Packaging: A great delight for year 2 students of Saint John the Divine Primary School as Tesco and Sainsbury reply them on the reduction of plastic packaging

Due to the impact of plastic pollution on the environment, Year 2 students of Saint John The Divine Primary School wrote to Tesco, Sainsbury and other stores in respect to plastic packaging reduction in their products. Sainsbury and Tesco replied to them(See the screenshot of the replies below).

From the screenshot.

Saint John the Divine Primary School : As part of their bid to waste & promote Year Two have been busy writing letters to about plastic pollution .


Tesco’s reply: Morning, what a good idea! In the meantime, you can read all about Our Position on Packaging at . Thanks – Lucy


Sainsbury’s reply:

Hi there.We share your concerns about the effects of plastic on the environment and, for a number of years, have been focused on reducing our packaging. One of our aims, as part of our Sustainability Plan, is to…1/3

…reduce it by half compared to 2005. Each time we review a product, we also review the packaging. The challenge we face is to reduce packaging without sacrificing its importance and effectiveness on …2/3

…the freshness and safety of our products. Most importantly, it must protect the product for our customers and then, where possible, use recyclable material. Guzala 3/3







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