Home Cooking: Fried Rice with Vegetable Salad and Fried Plantain

Today, we are celebrating our theme for this month with home-cooked fried


Easy Cook Long Grain Rice

Sunflower or Vegetable Oil

Carrot- Peeled and then diced

Green beans- diced

Spices- Curry

Stock Cube- Maggi

Stock- Beef or stock of your choosing


Green Pepper



Vegetable Slicer

Vegetable Dicer


Stock Pot



Cooking Spoon




Step 1: Put the raw rice in the pot, add water and par-boil for 15 mins or until the water boils. Make sure the rice is not soft. Wash the par-boiled rice and then strain the water.


Step 2: Put One spoon of the cooking oil in the stock pot and then add the sliced green pepper. After the pepper has cooked a little, you can remove it if you desire.


Step 3: Add the sliced\ diced green beans to the oil in the pot.


Step 4: Add the diced carrot to the diced green beans in the pot.


Step 5: Add the beef stock, salt, Curry Spice and stock cubes(Maggi) to the vegetables. *If you don’t have stock add two cooking spoons of water to generate a stock from the vegetables.


Step 6: Add the Par-boiled Rice and mix thoroughly. Add the Peas and mix. Cover the stock pot and let it cook under a medium heat. You can stir it occasionally using a spatula to ensure even cooking.


Step 7: When the food is ready, do serve it.


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