Say it with Birds and Blossoms: Fluttering Blossom Card Using Layer Flower Stencil by Plaid Enterprise(Plaid Crafts)

Today, we are celebrating our theme “say it with birds and blossoms” for this month of May in 2018 by making a blossom card that flutters using the Layer Flower Stencil by Plaid Enterprise(Plaid Crafts).

Materials needed

  • Die-cutting\ embossing machine with its cutting plates
  • A pair of Scissors
  • Liquid glue- UHU
  • Square craft dies
  • Embossing Mat
  • Hole Paper Punch
  • Stamen dies- Large quilling dies by Tattered Lace
  • 8×8 inches card
  • Patterned Background paper-
  • Stencil- Layer Flower by Plaid Enterprise
  • Craft knife or Exacto knife
  • 250 gms A4 cardstock – beige, brown




Step 1: Die cut a square from the patterned paper and then glue it to the front of the 8-inch square card.

Place the embossing mat on the cutting mat. Place the brown cardstock on the embossing mat. Place the silhouette stencil on the brown card. Place the other cutting mat on the stencil and then feed through the embossing machine.

Cut out the embossed blossom silhouette shape and glue it to the front of the card with the patterned paper.


Step 2: Emboss the silhouette layer flower stencil on the beige cardstock. Line the patterned stencil on the embossed silhouette layer flower and then emboss using the embossing machine.



Step 3: Cut out the embossed blossom shape( Silhouette layer flower).


Step 4: Using the Exacto knife, cut the inner petals. Do not cut the base of the petals; this enables the petals to flutter while still attached to the flower or blossom. Lift and curl petals around a pencil to create dimensions.

Use the hole punch to make holes in the little circles on the blossom.



Step 5: Glue the blossom to the front of the card.

If you desire stamens for the centre of the blossom then cut out stamens using the quilling dies.

If you don’t have a stamen die, you can cut a long strip of cardstock and then fringe it. Roll the fringed cardstock to make the stamen. You can make the stamen as big as you desire.

*You can enhance the petals with glitter.


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