Say it with Birds and Blossom: Make Blossom- Shaped Chocolate Pops

Today, we are celebrating our theme ” say it with birds and blossoms” for this month of May in 2018 by making blossom- shaped chocolate pops.



White chocolate

Plain chocolate

Soft cheese(optional)

Icing Sugar- if using plain chocolate



Blossom- shaped chocolate mould



Step 1: melt the chocolate over a pot of boiling water or use a microwave. If using a microwave, do be careful not to burn the chocolate. Heat for thirty seconds in the microwave. Mix the soft cheese and icing sugar with the melted plain chocolate. Mix soft cheese with the melted white chocolate. Do not add too much soft cheese or your chocolate will be too soft and will not harden.


Step 2: Put the mixed chocolate in the mould. You can put half dark chocolate and half white chocolate in the mould. Insert the lollipop stick and then leave to harden in the fridge.



Step 3: Remove from the mould and serve.



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