Book Reading: Beginner’s Guide to Mountmellick Embroidery by Pat Trott

The book that I am reading this week is, “beginner’s guide to Mountmellick Embroidery” by Pat Trott.

About the book

The embroidery is traditionally worked on close-woven cotton with cotton thread and it has a great elegance.

Flowing floral patterns intertwine with stems and leaves, the smooth satin stitches contrasting wonderfully with the padded, knotted stitchery and untextured background.

These natural designs are often fairly large and the sculptured patterns have an appealing bold quality, which is enhanced by the absence of colour and the addition of knitted fringed fringes.

Pat Trott explains all the techniques with clear step-by-step photography and inspiring easy-to-follow projects.

This book will be welcomed by beginners and also embroiderers of all skill levels.


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