New Month: In the realm of the 10 Pence Coins of Great Britain changing with a celebration of A-Z of Britain, we welcome you to the month of April in 2018 with our theme’ Say it with Alphabets and Numbers, as we celebrate children who remind us of our Alphabets and Numbers

Happy New Month and welcome to the month of April in the year 2018.

As the season changes and plants bud to prepare for the blooming Spring Blossoms, we tend to protect that delicate bud of a plant.

This month our theme is “Say it with Alphabets and Numbers”.

We will be celebrating the month of April with a focus on children.

Children do love their Alphabets and Numbers (Remember how you learnt\ learned the letters of the Alphabet and the numbers).

A is for Apple,

B is for Ball,

Let’s have fun as we celebrate our young ones this month of April.

I pray that this month is great for you.

Have a blessed and refreshing month.


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