Event: London is lighting with hat activities and hashtag(#) hatweekhangouts as London Hat Week 2018 Opens from

London Hat Week 2018 opens from March 22nd to 28th of March with hat wearing, hat displays and #hatweekhangouts .

Read the press release below.

The day we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. London Hat Week 2018 has begun. We appreciate all of you who have travelled from near and far, through snow and rain to get here and we’re looking forward to sharing a great week of hat celebrations with you.

To add to the fun, we’re running a special #hatweekhangout challenge. To take part in this competition, you simply need to:

1) Take pictures of yourself in a hat at as many of the Official LHW Hangouts (listed below) as possible between now and March 28.

2) Post your pictures on Instagram.

3) Tag @ateliermillinery, @londonhatweek and @hatalkemag and include hashtags #LHW18 and #hatweekhangout.

When LHW is over, we will pick the 4 people with the most #hatweekhangouts and they will win a year’s subscription to HATalk e-magazine and a London Hat Week tote bag

Official Hangouts

  • The Fashion and Textile Museum
  • City Hall
  • The London Hat Walk – Sunday March 25
  • The LHW Supplier Fair – Saturday March 24 and Sunday March 25
  • A photo with any of the LHW Team or volunteers (Becky Weaver, Georgina Abbott, Martine Henry, Terry Weston, Monique Lee Hylands-White, Catherine Morse-Brown, Charlotte Vassell and Sally Wright)
  • Atelier Millinery at the Revival Retro Boutique
  • An Evening of Royal Millinery – Monday March 26
  • A photo with any LHW18 tutor
  • By or in a red phone box
  • By any iconic London Landmark (e.g. London Eye, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, The Shard, Tower of London)

Link: https://www.londonhatweek.com/

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