Craft Company: Spoonflower engages the crafting community to celebrates its (Spoonflower’s) 10th anniversary by using daily prompt themes for 10 days and the hashtag(#) Spoonflower10

Spoonflower is 10years and it is celebrating its anniversary by offering a daily prompt theme each day.

Read the press release below.

Did you know 2018 marks Spoonflower’s 10 year anniversary? It’s safe to say we’ve come a long way from the days of printing just three yards of fabric in one hour and having a team of just five. Over these 10 years we’ve been lucky to see our community of makers and designers grow, and through social platforms like Instagram, we’ve gotten a front-row seat to your creativity.

We’ve seen how your imagination has run wild during weekly design challenges, been there when you made the hard decision of choosing the perfect wallpaper design for your bathroom makeover and never missed an opportunity to “ooh and aah” at how cute your babies look in their DIY leggings. We hope the #spoonflower10 daily challenge inspires you to continue your handcrafted journey as we celebrate these past 10 years. 

How to Participate

Follow along with the prompts below and each day, share a photo on Instagram using #spoonflower10. We’ll be featuring your posts all week so be sure follow along at @spoonflower. Join the entire 10 day challenge or pop-in when you can!

To kick off #spoonflower10, share a post introducing yourself! We have gotten to know so many amazing community members over the past 10 years but sometimes we just get to see your current WIPs. Are you a rocket scientist by day, designer by night? Have you lived in 10 different cities in the past 10 years and have a special yard of fabric to represent your travels? We want to know and our first post is the perfect place to do it.





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