Trending- Craft TV: Great excitements from crafters are on display as Crafters’ dreams come true  with the new craft tv called “the Craft Show TV’ which is launching and broadcasting on Facebook and Youtube on the 1st of March 2018 is presenting  craft demonstrations TV with ‘NO SELLING’ Policy

Crafters dreams come true with the new ‘ The Craft Show TV’ launching and broadcasting on March 1st 2018 on Facebook and Youtube.

Read the press release below.

Welcome to The Craft Show, a true breath of fresh air.

A new magazine show broadcast across several online platforms including Facebook and YouTube.

The Craft Show is focussed on demonstrations with guests, chat, competitions and viewer contributions.

Best of all, we are not a shopping show so no selling. Of course, we will be happy to talk about brands, suppliers and products from a purely independent point of view.

We are keen to cover a wide range of crafts and to showcase demonstrations from guests who are either hobby crafter’s or run their own small businesses, but we won’t be selling anything.

Of course, we need money to produce the shows, but you’ll be pleased to know we have a range of revenue streams which don’t involve trying to flog you products on air!

The Craft Show consists of a small production team at the moment and we are starting small with limited resources, so please bare with us.

We hope that with support from the crafting community we can grow to offer more and more shows.


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