Craft Company: Imagination Crafts share their long-awaited news and amazing opportunity of joining Crafter’s Companion Company

According to a post by Imagination Crafts on their facebook page, they (Imagination Crafts) are joining Crafter’s Companion Company.

From the screenshot.

Well the time has come everyone to tell you the long-awaited news! As lots of you know I have always been a great supporter of the saying ‘hard work never killed anyone’! Well unfortunately last year I was ill and I was forced to seriously reconsider! My 25 years of 70 to 80 hours a week and no time off came back to seriously bite me you know where! and we had to make some big decisions about our crafting and our business future.


This is such a hard one when you have dedicated your life to your business – especially when it is something as personal as a craft business, where you make friends for life and it is your passion. So we decided that with great sadness that we wouldn’t be able to continue or we had to seriously cut back so much we wouldn’t be able to keep everyone happy.


However, help sometimes comes from the most unexpected places and we have made some wonderful relationships over the years and sometimes just when the future can seem so bleak a hand up is given and this is exactly what has happened to us. Sarah Davis and her team at Crafters Companion decided they didn’t want to lose our years of experience and hard work and invited us to join them. This is an amazing opportunity for us and we are really excited about the opportunities this will bring to all of us.


This arrangement will help the Imagination Crafts Brand to grow and prosper and I will have the support of an incredible team behind me. Most of all though I am still here for all of you! You, our loyal supporters, customers and friends are the ones who matter to Harvey and myself. You have shown such love and support for many years and that is something you can’t put price on!
love Sue and Harvey xxx


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