Home and Savings: Learn to save with the 365 days saving challenge to help in saving £1500(one thousand five hundred British Pounds/ choice currency) in 2018 when you are consistent

According to a post on Sun UK, You can save up to £1500 (one thousand five hundred Great British Pounds GBP) by following a simple weekly plan for the year 2018.

Sun UK stated that Apartment Therapy came up with the pain-free saving plan, which sees participants put aside a small sum each day.

The concept is that every Sunday you put aside £1, followed by £2 on Monday, £3 on Wednesday and so on.

On Saturday you’ll put £7, and then the process repeats and you’ll put aside £1 on Sunday as the new week begins.

The largest daily amount, £7, is around the cost of two coffees, so isn’t too overwhelming to factor into the budget.

There is a simple way to save £1,500 by the end of 2018, by just putting aside a few pounds each week

Read more https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/5245666/365-challenge-pain-free-saving-method-2018/amp/

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