Happy New Year: Welcome to 2018 the year of ‘Amazing Possibilities’ and the month of January in 2018

Happy New Year to you! Happy New month to you!

Welcome to the year 2018 and the month of January in 2018.

This year new possibilities are open to you. Our theme for this year is “Amazing Possibilities”.

Be ready to learn and unlearn(haahaahaaa….laughing).

Don’t forget to send thank you cards to appreciate everyone for his/her role in the festive holiday.

In this month, we will take a look at greeting cards, so our theme for this month of January will be “Say it with greeting cards“. We will be making greeting cards.

Join me in this month of January 2018 as we “say it with greeting cards” while showcasing different techniques in cardmaking.

Enjoy yourself and have a great year and a blessed month.

Stay safe and be kind.


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