Sewing: A Different Take On A Shift dress Using The Newlook 6145 Sewing Pattern

I made this shift dress for the dressmaker ready to wear competition and I forgot to share the pictures with you.

I used the Newlook 6145  sewing pattern to make the dress. I used buttons instead of a zipper and added a slit at the back of the dress. I used the Newlook sewing pattern for the basic dress and added some designs for a different style.

The accessories( shoe, bag and hairstyle) that you use when wearing this shift/ready to wear dress will transform it from a regular dress to an occasional dress.



  • I cut out squares to make pockets and then cut out rectangles from a pink fabric to stitch\sew to the top of the pockets. The edges of the pockets were folded inwards to hide the loose edges before they were stitched to the front of the dress.


  • The pink fabric for the neck overlay was cut from the neck overlay pattern. I attached the pink fabric to the front of the dress using a zig-zag stitch to form a satin stitch.


  • If you are using buttons then sew the buttonholes using a buttonhole sewing machine feet.


  • If you are using buttons, then sew the buttons using a button sewing machine feet.


  • Sew rectangles to the sleeves.


  • Not much of a model but I had to pose in the dress.

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