Career In Craft: Opportunities Of A Paper-Crafter And A Cardmaker

Cardmaking is helping us send hugs and messages in a card.

Have you heard the following phrases

  • ” Who gives cards nowadays”.

  • Do people still buy greeting cards in this day of technology?

Cardmaking as a hobby or career has kept many people busy and brought in an income to the crafter. Crafters do want to know the opportunities open to them in the cardmaking world in case some of the fields seem crowded.

Have you introduced yourself as a greeting card maker and had people look at you in a funny way or say hmmm! Card?

You can enhance your cardmaking skill in the various opportunities open to you.

  • Writing the insert and sentiments in a card: A good card needs perfect, funny and intriguing wordings that will relate the message of the sender to the recipient/receiver. Some of us, do not know the appropriate words to say to a grieving person but a card will help us in relating that long or short and special message to the receiver of the card. 

  • Design the topper of the card: We have different types of images on our card from photographic to hand-painted or pierce\paper pricked card. The design of a card is the first thing that catches the eye of most buyers before they look at the sentiments. You can take wildlife/nature pictures for the greeting cards, watercoloured images and much more.

  • Design envelopes: Not all greeting cards can fit the usually sized envelopes. Envelope makers have helped in making different sized envelopes for shaped cards and the normal cards.

  • Design boxes: Some greeting cards need to be presented in a gift box. 

  • Make greeting card packaging bags: After making greeting cards they need to be packed in a cello bag to prevent it from getting stained and also from dust and dirt.

  • Teach cardmaking: Without a teacher, how can you learn? Cardmakers\papercrafters need that patient person who will explain the step by step tutorial on making a greeting card. Crafters need that person who will be a listener and also explain in great detail how to use certain products.

  • Have a craft store\shop: Cardmaking supplies need to be bought. The manufacturers of cardmaking supplies\ products need to sell them to the card-makers\papercrafters. A craft shop will bridge that gap.

  • Photograph cards for magazines: Card making\ papercrafting magazine publishers need a good photographer who will take great pictures of the products to be printed in the cardmaking magazines.

  • Sell greeting cards: Consumers need to be reached and they need to buy the greeting cards that have been made. A craft store or a store that sells greeting cards will bridge that gap. 

  • Organise craft fairs: Cardmakers need an event where they can meet their fellow crafters and also meet the manufacturers and retailers of the products that they have been buying. They need an event where they can speak directly to the manufacturers while the manufacturers need to know what the crafters\cardmakers expect of them as they (crafters) voice their desires directly to them( the manufacturers).

  • Make or manufacture items/products for cardmaking: Cardmakers need supplies(tools/ machinery, papers, glues etc) for papercrafting products. A manufacturer produces(manufactures) the crafting supplies for the beginner to advanced cardmaker to enable create\make products. 

  • Be a craft presenter in cardmaking: You can be a cardmaking presenter on TV or any media of your choice. 

  • Be a cardmaking blogger: There are various techniques in cardmaking. There are rubberstamped greeting cards, printed, laser-cut, quilled, painted, wet embossed, stencilled and more. A cardmaking blogger will tell you more about these greeting cards while showcasing upcoming and advanced greeting card makers on his\her blog. The greeting card blogger will also bring greeting cards events, news, feature cardmakers (beginners to advance), Craft manufacturers and more. The greeting card blogger will discuss all aspects of cardmaking while trying to unite all the various careers in cardmaking together.

  • Own a craft TV: Not everyone has access to a one on one teacher but owning a craft TV will enable you to reach more people and teach more people than the one on one teacher at a time.

  • Be in the design team of a craft company: Companies need crafters that can showcase how their products can be used. Companies need crafters to make samples for cardmaking shows, fairs, catalogues, magazines and much more

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