Day 25 of 30 Days With Strawberry: Make a Strawberry Design Greeting Card

A lovely way to enjoy strawberry is to make a greeting card with strawberry designs.

Materials needed

Strawberry printable paper (available in PDF strawberry printable papers )

3D sticky foam pad

Liquid glue

Score board with scoring tool

A4 cardstock- white or A5 card

Ribbon 3mm- green x 1 metre



Step 1: Place the A4 cardstock on the score board in a landscape style. Using the scoring tool, score the cardstock in half (A4 half fold) to make an A5 card.


Step 2: Working on the front of the card, glue a pattern paper( strawberry design- plaid) to half of the card front.


Step 3: Glue another pattern paper( strawberry design paper) to the other half of the card front.


Step 4: Trim excess paper.


Step 5: Glue the ribbon to the front of the card( where the two pattern papers meet) and then secure the ribbon inside the card. Tip: place the glue on the ribbon so that it can be in the exact area that the glue is needed.


Step 6: Glue a bow to the top of the ribbon(optional).


Step 7: Cut the Strawberry topper and place 3-dimensional sticky foam pad at the back.


Step 8: Place the strawberry topper on the front of the card.


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