Day 24 of 30 Days with Strawberry: Make Strawberry Jelly

The pulp or puree of the strawberries have been used in making this strawberry jelly and that makes it a little cloudy. If you desire to use only the juice, allow the juice to drip into a bowl or jug without pressing or squeezing the muslin cloth that the strawberry puree is in.


Fresh Strawberries (0.20 litres strawberry puree)

Gelatine x 2 satchet (24g)

Yoghurt- Greek

Water- 0.20 litre


Jug Blender


Drinking glasses

Electric kettle


Step 1: Wash and hull the strawberries.


Step 2: Put the strawberries into a jug blender and puree it.


Step 3: Sieve the strawberry puree.


Step 4: Dissolve the gelatine in the hot water.



Step 5: Gently stir the dissolved gelatine into the strawberry puree. Remove the foamy top of the jelly.


Step 6: Pour the strawberry jelly mixture into a glass and then place the glass in a slanted position to achieve the diagonal jelly style.


Step 7: Put the strawberry jelly in the fridge to set.


Step 8: When the jelly has set or is firm, bring it(jelly) out of the fridge.


Step 9: Pour yoghurt into a bowl and mix with honey. Pour the yoghurt into the drinking glass containing the strawberry jelly.


Step 10: Decorate with strawberry halves or fresh whole strawberry or diced strawberries.



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