Day 19 of 30 days with Strawberry: Make a colour palette from the strawberries

It is not only recipes that strawberries are good for. Strawberries are a good source for colour palettes.

Materials needed

Picture of a strawberry

Graphic software: Photoshop or Inkscape or use

Camera( if you do not have an image of a strawberry)


Step 1: Take a picture of a strawberry plant or strawberries.


Step 2:  Import the strawberry image into a graphic software or use

In Inkscape, open the software,  click on file ->import or import PNG. A window opens with a folder. Locate your file and import it into the software.


Step 3: Make little squares or circles in a colour if using Photoshop or Inkscape graphic software.



Step 4:  Select one of the squares made and then use the eye dropper tool to click on any part of the strawberry image to fill the square with a colour.


Step 5: Continue this process until all the squares have been filled with colours derived from the strawberries. You can make more squares and fill with colours from the strawberry.


Step 6: To get the hex-code of each colour, select the colour and check for the number.


Step 7: Use the colour palette in a craft of your choice.


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