Craft TV: Explore The Wild While Disney Jungle Book Craft Dies Collection Launch On Create And Craft TV At 7pm BST On The 27th Of July 2017

According to a post by Create and Craft TV on their Facebook page, Disney’s Jungle book craft dies collections are launching on their(Create and Craft TV’s) channel at 7pm BST( British Summer Time) on the 27th of July 2017 .

Please read Disney’s Statement


Disney Statement


“Disney has granted the rights to various third parties to design, develop, manufacture and sell a range of craft products for consumers; licensed craft products are intended for use by consumers for personal and family enjoyment, such as making gifts for family, birthdays or other private celebrations. Licensed products may be used to produce craft items for enjoyment amongst friends and family (such as non-commercial gift giving) but not for any wider sale or distribution.”

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8th August 2016

See the screenshot of the post.

Here’s one you won’t want to miss! Disney’s Jungle Book is coming to C&C TOMORROW at 7pm! See you there

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Here's one you won't want to miss! Disney's Jungle Book is coming to C&C TOMORROW at 7pm! See you there

Posted by Create & Craft TV on Wednesday, July 26, 2017

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