Tutorial: Make some plantain chips using Tefal Kitchen machine

Today’s tutorial, we will be making plantain chips using a vegetable slicer of the Tefal kitchen machine.

Plantain(unripe) is rich in Iron minerals.


Unripe plantain

Vegetable oil for frying

Salt for seasoning


Kitchen knife

Slicer for a Kitchen Machine

Deep fryer ( Frying pan can also be used)



Step 1: Peel the plantain.


Step 2: Fix the slicer to the kitchen machine and then slice the plantain. Add a pinch of salt to the sliced plantain.


Step 3: Fry the sliced plantain in the deep fryer using vegetable or sunflower oil. You will hear a sizzling sound as it gets ready.

Place paper napkin( tissue) on a tray or plate. When the plantain chips are ready, remove from the fryer and then place it on the paper napkin to drain oil.

Step 4: Serve on a plate.


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