Digital craft: Learn everything about the Silhouette machines as Silhouette® introduces its new book “the Silhouette Handbook”

Silhouette® launches its handbook to enable you to make maximum use of your Silhouette machines.

Read the press release below.

The Silhouette Handbook is the complete guide to everything Silhouette. With over 300 pages, this digital reference is full of helpful information on Silhouette machines, materials, software, and more. 

The Handbook is perfect for new customers, or for those who want a convenient one-stop guide and walk-through for all of Silhouette offerings and software features.

The handbook can be downloaded and viewed directly in Silhouette Studio®, so you can easily follow along while designing and creating your Silhouette projects. Since the handbook is a part of your Library, you’ll always have access to the latest information.

Get your copy today for just $19.99.



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