Craft TV: Hochanda TV changes its Freeview broadcasting time whilst shifting its One day Special to 6pm

According to a post by Hochanda TV, from first of June 2017,  its Freeview hours are changing and broadcast will be from 6am until 7pm (Freesat and Sky are not affected).

Read the press release and watch the video below.

Update: Freeview & Schedule Changes

From the 1st of June, we will be changing the hours you can watch us on Freeview. We understand this will be disappointing news but we have found since November that a lot of you prefer watching us earlier in the morning and are catching up on your evening shows through Rewind!

With that in mind we have made the decision to start broadcasting from 6am through until 7pm; but don’t worry you can still watch us 24 hours on Sky 663, Freesat 817 and online at

Watch the video below to find out the many ways you can watch us.

Watch Hochanda TV on,



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  1. As a freedom member of Hochanda I was not aware until this evening of this new schedule.
    I searched on line for info.
    However having studied the given information I think it makes sense, I too prefer to watch during the day and welcome the 24 hour special at 6 pm.

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