Tutorial – The art of Sugarcrafting with cookie cutters and fondant Icing: Leave mums speechless with this beautiful spring blossom bouquet cake

A quick and intriguing spring blossom bouquet cake to make for mother’s day. Children can cut out the flowers and leaves using cookie cutters.

Materials needed


Un-iced cake- loaf/ oblong shape

Cookie cutter- flower, three petals, leaf and circle(small or use base of nozzle)

Fondant rolling pin

Modelling tool- ball, stylus

Flower forming mat(optional)


Icing powder for dusting

Food colouring paste- I use Wilton®- orange, violet, golden yellow, sky blue, rose, kelly green


Step 1: Lightly dust the work surface with icing sugar. Roll out the fondant and then smoothen any bubble with the smoother.

Step 2: Roll the fondant icing on the rolling pin to ease lifting the fondant on the cake( see picture below).Cover the cake with fondant


Step 3: Arrange the fondant with your hand and then use a smoother to smoothen the fondant covered cake.


Step 4: Cut excess fondant and smooth with the smoother.


Step 5: Take another fondant and then cut it into six(6) portions. Add a colour to each portion and knead until the desired effect\colour is achieved.

Step 6: Roll out the green fondant and cut into strips.

Step 7: Arrange the green strips on the cake this acts as the stems.

Step 8: Roll out each coloured fondant separately and then use the flower cutter to cut the flower shape. You can shape the flower with a ball tool and the flower forming mat if you desire( I didn’t shape the flowers with the ball tool and flower forming mat instead, I put the cut flowers in the cupcake baking tray and that did the shaping for me).

Step 9: Lightly dust the mini cupcake tray with icing sugar and then place the cut-out flower shape inside. Leave to dry.

Step 10: Roll out the green fondant and cut out the leaves with the leaf cookie cutter.

Step 11: Use the stylus modelling tool to draw some lines to act as veins on the leaves.

Step 12: Shape the leaves by twisting then slightly over the modelling tool and leave to dry(see pic).

Step 13: Roll out white fondant and with the circle cookie cutter or nozzle base, cut out white circles.

Step 14: Place the white fondant circles in the centre of the flowers in the cupcake tray and leave to dry.

step 15: Roll out the white fondant and then cut into strips. Fold as shown in the picture to form bows. Wrap a strip around the bow to form a knot. Leave to dry. TIP: To keep the shape of the bow loops, insert some lumps of fondant( slightly dusted with icing) in the opening of the loop- (see pic below).

Step 16: From each colour of fondant, cut out the three petal flower using the three petal flower cutter. Mould it around the ball tool(this forms the bulb shape). Arrange it at the base of the cake.


Step 17: Place some three petal flowers(like bulbs) on the top of the (stem)cake.

Step 18: Arrange flowers and bows on the cake. If you want the flowers to stick to the cake, apply edible glue(fondant dissolve in little water) to the base\back of the flowers.









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