Tutorial : Floral napkin ring using the Accuquilt Go! appliqué floral and strip dies

Here is a fun tutorial to make using the Accuquilt’s floral die. This napkin ring can be made larger and fuller to create floral headband for girls. Make it in a choice of colour to suit occasions and seasons.

Materials needed

Die cutting machine( I use the Accuquilt Go! big)

Sewing machine

Sewing pins

Strip die- Accuquilt or any of your choice

Floral die- Accuquilt or any of your choice


Sewing thread


Sewing machine foot: buttonhole, satin,  buttons

Seam reaper



STEP 1: Place fabric on the fabric- die( according to manufacturer’s instructions) and run through the die-cutting machine to cut the fabric.




STEP 2: Pin 2 flower piece together and then stitch the edges using the satin stitch(close zig-zag) and satin stitch sewing machine foot.



STEP 3: Fold the strip fabric width-wise and then cut out five and a half inches. With the wrong side facing the wrong side fabric, Sew the openings( 2 sides) using backstitch but leave an(one) opening for turning. Turn inside(right side of fabric) out. Tuck the raw edges in and top stitch using back stitch.



STEP 4: Measure the button length using the sewing machine’s buttonhole sewing foot. Sew the buttonhole to the required length using the buttonhole sewing steps on the sewing machine.





STEP 5:Cut the buttonhole open. At the other end of the band, sew the button.(TIP: lay the button over the buttonhole and then pin the button in place; this ensures that the button is stitched to the desired place).



STEP 6: Stitch the flower to the top of the band. Sew a bead to the centre of the flower.


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