Product of the day: Bow Maker

Bow maker is our product of the day.

Whether you decide to make bows,

  •  to embellish presents,
  •  for greeting cards,
  •  for clothing,
  • or tassels and much more, the bow maker is an essential tool in achieving a nice looking professional bow.

bow maker 2

The lovely advantage of the bow maker is that, different sizes of bow can be made by adjusting the pegs(although, some do not have adjustable pegs but they do have stagnant and firm pegs. Differt width of ribbons can be used too as well as yarns/wools to make tassels.

This product is use in,

  • Tying bows,
  • Tassels,
  • and much more.

There are different types of bow maker in the market.

bow maker


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