Craft TV: The Craft Channel is launching on Freeview channel 88 on the 1st of September 2016

Here is the Press release from The Craft Channel team as they announce that they will be launching on Freeview Channel 88 on the first (1st) of September , 2016.

The Craft Channel team;

We very are excited to announce that we will be launching a new Freeview channel on 1st September. You’ve have been waiting patiently for The Craft Channel to air on this wide-reaching platform since the channel’s very first Sky broadcast almost a year ago – and your patience at last is to be rewarded!
From next month, The Craft Channel will broadcast simultaneously on,

  • Freeview 88,
  • Sky 679,
  • Freesat 818,
  • and stream live both on Facebook
  • and from our website – here you can also watch our online Catch Up.
    *Viewers should note that as this is a new Freeview channel, you may need to retune your digital TV or set top box to locate channel 88. To find out how to retune your TV you can find instructions on the Freeview website here. There will be some helpful tips being added to our website in the next few days, and these should help you find the new channel.

the craft channel is launching on freeview 88

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