Gina from Gem Hill Quilts shows you how to make a lovely sweetheart quilt with the GO! Qube Mix and Match 8″ Set

On Accuquilt’s bloggers spotlight, Gina from Gem hill quilts was featured with her admirable sweetheart quilt .

Gina shows how to make this charming quilt with step by step instructions and pictures.

Gina stated further that this quilt can be made as large as one desires it to be and she added a picture of a 62” square Lap Quilt she drew up in EQ7(quilt designing software)  to justify that.

Photo credit: Gina from Gem Hill Quilts . 62” square Lap Quilt that Gina drew up in EQ7 quilt designing software

Please, visit the link below for a detailed step by step tutorial with pictures on how to make this lovely sweetheart quilt.


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