What I am currently working on: Machine knitted quilt-like blanket

Knit a quilt like blanket

Here is a machine- knitted blanket that I am currently working on and below is the design in graphic format.

The blanket is being knitted in rows and then the rows will be stitched together using a SC( single crochet), sewing machine or kitchener stitch{ I haven’t decided yet}.

Cast 43 needles on your left to 43 needles on your right.

120 rows makes each square.

To form the stripes, knit 10 rows of each colour.

I am knitting this blanket on the Brother KH950i (a 4.5mm gauge knitting machine) with stockinet stitch.

I am using Robin yarns , 100% acrylic double knitting yarn (100gms balls) by Thomas B. Ramsden.

Colours:  016- Apple(green), 017- Purple, 070-Sunrise, 078- Rosebud(coral pink).

My light yellow yarn(sunrise)  is finished…….. I need to order more!

Approximately 40 yarns( 10 of each colour) will be used to make this blanket.

This blanket is for a double size bed.

Knit me a quilted blanket by Anino Ogunjobi stripe and plain chart Knit a quilt like blanket machine knitting

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