Quilt me a cake for mother’s day with Thebakeaholic

quilt me a cake

Quilt, a cake, Quilt a cake for a quilting mum,

Quilt her a cake with some quilting patterns,

Add triangles to make squares and parallelogram,

Present it to the quilter on Mother’s day!

*how do you love my poem? …..hahaaaha.

Thebakeaholic posted this quilt-designed cake on its Instagram page.

It was captioned “I made this cake for a quilter’s birthday over the weekend, but with Mother’s Day in 6 days I want to give a shout out to all the Mom’s out there who love to quilt. I have major respect for what you do. Quilting is truly a labor of love?”.

quilt me a cake by thebakeaholic

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