Happy New month and Welcome to the month of MAY in the year 2016

welcome to the month of may 2016 by Anino ogunjobi

Happy New Month Everyone! I pray that this month be good to you. Celebrate this month in style and enjoy this month.

Wow! we are already in the fifth(5th) month of the year and very soon we will be preparing for Christmas and another New Year(2017).

America’s mother’s day is on the 8th of this month and father’s day is next month(June).

This month of May, we will be sewing for our spring and summer wardrobe (Adult to babies).

We will sneak-in some knitwear  and some babies crafting that I couldn’t post last month.

The video for the 0-3 months old gather gown will be available on Youtube this month ( so sorry that I couldn’t post it last month).

A new printable for babies will be offered this month.

Upcoming talents will also be showcase.

and many more .

Have fun crafting for mother’s day and other occasions in this month.



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