Always Challenge Convention; Brian Solis said as Chase Jarvis interviews him on #30DaysofGenius


Brian Solis and Chase Jarvis on 300 days of genius

Technology is fundamentally human. Global speaker and technologist Brian Solis joins #30daysofgenius and Chase Jarvis to talk about why the future of design and innovation will be driven not by technology, but by creating experiences that inspire emotional reactions(Watch it on the Youtube link below).

Brian Solis is a global speaker and thought leader on digital innovation and technology. He believes that it’s not enough to have a great product, creative marketing, and remarkable customer service.

You have to dive deep into humanity, studying the trends and thought patterns that guide our behavior. To create a truly revolutionary business that makes an impact on business and society, you have to design a service that meets people where they are and gets them where they’re going.

He joins 30 Days of Genius to talk about how technology is fundamentally human, and the importance of designing and creating for real human beings.

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