Must-see – The Edible Wedding Dress!


Photo credit: Cake International

‘The Weddible Dress’ comes to Cake International London 2016! Created by Sylvia Elba, a multi-award winning cake sculptor, who was asked to produce an exhibit based purely on wafer paper to showcase how versatile it can be.

With this in mind, Sylvia put together a group of like-minded cake artists including Yvette Marner, a multi-award winning cake sculptor and founder of Fun N Funky Cakes; and Ilinka Rnic, a multi-award winning cake designer to create ‘The Weddible Dress’ exhibit – a 100% edible, simply stunning wedding dress.

The lifesize edible dress, plus accessories is being created from fondant, cake lace and wafer paper which will be ‘sewn’ and fabricated with Fabriliquid – do not miss your exclusive chance to see this awe-inspiring spectacle, on display 16-17 April at Alexandra Palace London Great Britain!

edible cake dress by Sylvia Elba

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