Assembyl Introduces the “Falcon 9” kit for Shendrones tweaker 180

falcon 9

“Introducing the “Falcon 9” kit for #shendrones #tweaker 180″

Assembyl 3D emphasizes the transformative change 3D Printing can bring with functionally useful products. Print > Build > USE
More pictures below.
Check out our new line of #Tweaker swimwear…! – Flexible FPV camera mount 10 – 30 degree rake.

– Ultra-light motor-guard / landing pads (hollowed at the core for a soft landing)
– Electronics caddy (upper and lower) mount the PDB, FC, and Receiver with neat wire routing canals for the cleanest build possible.
– Flexible VTx cozy
– Last but not least, the LED powered “Afterburner”
** Everything snaps together like legos with no additional hardware required!

falcon 9


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