Anino Ogunjobi writes on how Martha stewart has inspired her, as Martha Stewart celebrates 25th Anniversary

anino's message on how martha stewart has inspired her

Anino posted on her instagram page, how Martha Stewart has inspired her(Anino) as Martha Stewart celebrates 25 th Anniversary of Martha Stewart’s living magazine.

Martha Stewart has inspired me (Anino) in the art and craft of handmade creativity; from home to business.

Martha, has inspired me in such a way, ONE wonders that the person who made the phrase “Jack of all trade master of none” have not met Martha yet because, Martha eradicated that phrase (proven, that one can diversify and be great in each field) and this have inspired me to be free to venture into different projects, hobbies and crafts(be perfect in them) and then turned them into businesses.

Thank you Martha for inspiring crafters, homemakers, business owners and individuals.

Have a happy,fabulous and glorious 25TH Anniversary.

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