Stylish Stringing Project – Tousled Turquoise by Esther Pollock

fire mountain gems Tousled Turquoise by Esther Pollock

Gemstones, pearls, and glass! Oh my! This spectacular multi-strand jewelry set is eye-catching, full of life and right on trend color wise. Its brilliant use of color, spacer beads and tousled strands create a rich, yet organic look and feel.

The turquoise, teal and blue tones combine with purple accents in a visually pleasing analogous color scheme.

Learn more about incorporating color schemes into projects by using Fire Mountain Gems and Beads’ FREE online color wheel tool.

Find this and more, including tips on what to pair this piece with for a stunning statement, and how to incorporate spacer beads into projects to create dangles, in the FREE step-by-step instructional guide located here.

Please, visit the link below to read more and see the tutorial for the necklace.


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