Feel “True Romance” with Ulrike Gunther’s Necklace Tutorial

true romance necklace by Ulrik Gunther

What is your definition of romance? Mine would be an evening dinner with a special someone at a candle-lit table with a violin music in the background. Do I sound cheesy? LOL!!! Oh well, this romantic kind of stuff, whatever they may be never happened to me even once, but that’s okay. My happiness doesn’t come from romantic things. Plainly doing the things I love, like jewelry making makes me happy, even more so.

Going back to romance, Ulrike Gunther will show you what to her is “True Romance.”
You’ll also find Ulrike Gunther’s “True Romance” tutorial inside DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #27
Read more at  http://handmade-jewelry-club.com/2016/02/feel-true-romance-with-ulrike-gunthers-necklace-tutorial.html

Read more at: http://handmade-jewelry-club.com/2016/02/feel-true-romance-with-ulrike-gunthers-necklace-tutorial.html


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