Envelope-box Project of the day!

enveloplus project image 8

Our Project of the day is an envelope-box made for the gate-fold card(here) in our previous post.

The envelope-box was made using the enveloplus board of Crafter’s companion.


Materials needed

A5 gate fold card/ card according to your choosing

Enveloplus board,its score tool and its manual


Cardstock: size is specified on the manual of the Enveloplus

enveloplus project image 1


STEP 1: place the card on the enveloplus board, and score one end on the channel as stated in the  enveloplus manual’s chart( for the specific card and depth of envelope/envelope-box required).  Score the other sides using the stated channel/score-line in the manual for the envelope/envelope-box that is being made.

Remember that when making envelopes, the/each opposite ends are usually scored using thesame score-line that makes them thesame size.

enveloplus project image 2 enveloplus project image 3

enveloplus project image 5







STEP 2: fold the score lines. If you take a closer look at the picture, you will notice that the upper/north and lower/south flaps are thesame size; also they are larger while the sides/east and west are thesame sizes and they are smaller.

enveloplus project image 4enveloplus project image 6






STEP 3: cut the slots to enable the box to be formed. Glue the flaps, except the upper flap which is left for opening.

enveloplus project image 7 enveloplus project image 8

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