Free orange, lemon and carrot juice recipe

carrot, orange and lemon juice
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Here is a healthy drink to make.

You don’t need to add sugar or

sweetener because carrot juice is naturally sweet.

Orange is rich in vitamin C,

Carrot is rich in vitamin A, which is good for eyesight and so on.

Hope you enjoy this post.


1 large lemon

6  large Navel oranges

12 large carrots


Juice extractor


vegetable peeler



spoon for stiring


carrot, orange, lemon




1: Wash and cut oranges and lemon. Extract the juice using a juicer. Sieve the juice to remove extra pips and pulps.

carrot, orange and lemon juice





 lemon juice using electric juicer





orange and lemon juice




2: Follow the process of extracting the juice from carrot in our previous post here or wash and scrape the carrot with the vegetable peeler ( This prevents your carrot juice from discolouring ) .

carrot cleaned or scrape with vegetable peeler





3: place carrot in a juice extractor, to extract the juice. You can keep the pulp to make carrot cake as in our previous recipe here.

carrot juice






4: Mix the carrot juice, orange juice and lemon juice together. Shake or stir before drinking ( the orange and lemon juice tends to seperate from the carrot juice as shown in the picture below).

carrot, orange and lemon juice






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